Jessica Brassington

Create Your Healthy Life: 30 for $30

30 days of creating a healthier life with a Health Coach

Are you ready to create YOUR healthy life with the help of a Certified Health Coach?

Great health is much more than just the food on your plate! All areas of our lives are connected.

When you join the Create Your Healthy Life program you'll receive 30 days in a group of likeminded individuals. 

We'll cover:

Goal setting, Stress reduction, Time management, Different areas of health (Relationships, Career/Life balance, Spirituality, Physical Fitness,Food), 

How to read labels and lose weight without counting calories, depriving yourself and much more!

Join today to create your healthier life!

Group begins May 1st

Create Your Healthy Life


  • Easy to Follow Recipes
  • Healthy Ingredients
  • Weekly Shopping List
  • Suggested Meals
  • Healthy Swaps


  • Easy Exercises
  • @ Home Solutions
  • Stretches
  • Time Sensitive
  • Live Demos
  • It's role in our health


  • Create Whole Life Balance
  • No Overwhelm with Diet
  • Create a Routine that Works
  • Work Together with Me
  • Help Getting Started
  • Community Support
Jessica Brassington

What You’ll Experience and What to Expect during your 30 days

Hiring a personal Health Coach may not be an option for you at this time. 

The Create Your Healthy Life program gives you an opportunity at a fraction of the price to access a Certified Health Coach and a great introduction into experiencing true WHOLE HEALTH & WELLNESS.

The world of Whole Health and Creating a Healthy lifestyle can be confusing and overwhelming.

You don't have to navigate it alone. 

Together we will breakdown the obstacles that are keeping you from the healthy lifestyle you wish to have. 

I’ll be there gently guiding you with useful information, videos, suggested meal and recipes, fitness tips, and more. 

Join us and you will also have a place for community, to ask questions, support each other, and spend 30 days with a Certified Health Coach!

I look forward to getting to know you and spend the next 30 days with you!

Jessica Brassington

Take Control of Your Health So You Can…

  • Increase energy
  • Decrease fatigue
  • Finally lose weight
  • Feel rested
  • Enjoy your Family
  • Create a balanced life
Create Your Healthy Life
Create Your Healthy Life

Signs Your Body Is Yelling for Help...

  • Sleepless nights
  • Unable to focus
  • Sugar cravings
  • Hard time losing weight
  • Mood swings
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Skin conditions
  • Low libido

"The Greatest Wealth is...HEALTH" - Virgil

Create Your Healthy Life NOW

  • Access to my closed Facebook group where you can ask questions, get support during the program, and share your successes as well!
  • Create your Healthy Life Guide with Priorites & Checklists to print out & keep you on track
  • 30 days with a Certified Health Coach
  • Weekly live Q&As 
  • Videos on recipes, fitness and more
  • How to live chemical-free lifestyle
  • New Recipes
  • How to "Bring your SEXY back"
  • Goal Setting and Time Managment Techniques
  • Primary Foods and how they affect our health
  • The FOOD-MOOD connection
  • Mini Mindset Makeover
  • Meditation Techniques
  • Lose Weight Naturally
  • Morning Must-haves and Bedtime Routines
Create Your Healthy Life

Don’t wait, start your healthy life today!